How to disable Windows Defender antivirus COMPLETELY?

Why you need to disable your antivirus at all? Someone needs to run a program that are blocking by the antivirus. And someone is confident in their security and want to save the resources of their computer and not waste them on antivirus. In any case, now you will know how to turn it off if necessary.

The first place logic leads us to is computer settings:

Choose "privacy and security" section -> Windows security -> select Virus and threat protection.


Here are the main Windows antivirus switches. They do not turn antivirus off completely and only for a while, but in order to try something that the antivirus blocks, or something like that - you can use it - turn everything off and confirm your actions in the pop-up windows. Also do not agree to provocations to turn it on again.


Below on this page there is a link - add or remove exclusions. Here you can add a file or folder that you want the antivirus not to check. This will solve the problem if something you are sure the antivirus is blocking. Just put the path to the exception here and you're done.

How to disable Windows antivirus completely?

First method is available in the professional and enterprise versions of Windows 11. I recommend that you disable all the switches in the antivirus settings that we have already discussed with you. Use the Win + R key combination, launch the RUN windows and write gpedit.msc.


On the left, open the list "Computer Configuration" - "Administrative Templates" - "Windows Components" - "Microsoft Defender Antivirus".


And act exactly according to the instructions:

"Turn off Microsoft Defender antivirus" select Enabled
"Allow the anti-malware service at startup" Disabled
"Allow the anti-malware service to remain running" Disabled.

"Real-time protection" subsection:
"Turn off real-time protection" Enabled
"Scan all downloaded files and attachments" Disabled

"MAPS" subsection:
Disable all options except the last "Send file samples ". In it, set "Enabled", and at the bottom left, set "Never send".


Well done! But for it to work in the latest versions of Windows. One more thing is needed - disable the anti-virus program service and this can only be done in safe mode.

How to disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus service WinDefend?

To do this, in the Run window, write msconfig. On the Boot tab, select Safe Mode, OK and restart the computer.


When the computer turns on, press win + r, write "regedit" and start the registry editor. Find the key


Change the Start parameter to 4.


If this does not work in your case, then delete the windefend partition, but it is better to export it before that or make a system restore point. Also, depending on the situation, it may be useful to disable the wscsvc (security center) and Sense services (also set the start parameter to 4).

Reboot the pc, and do not forget to run msconfig again and select normal boot.

Now the Anti-Virus is no longer launched and does not work. All what's left is the icon in the notification area. And if we click on it, we see that the antivirus settings no longer work. It will only appear when you change everything you have done back. To remove the icon, go to the task manager, the Startup tab and disable this process - Windows Security notification. It won't be there on the next boot.

How to disable Windows defender in Windows 11 Home?

What if you have a Home version of Windows and the Group Policy Editor is not available? Let's do the same through the registry editor.

First Turn off all the switches in the settings - this is important.

1) Launch the registry editor. And Go here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

2) Create a 32-bit DWORD Value, set the name to "DisableAntiSpyware". Set Value 1. Also create the parameters AllowFastServiceStartup and ServiceKeepAlive - their value should be 0.

3) Choose or Create the RealTime Protection subsection. In it, create the DisableIOAVProtection and DisableRealtimeMonitoring parameters - both have a value of 1.

4) Create another Spynet subsection, and in it the parameters DisableBlockAtFirstSeen (value 1), LocalSettingOverrideSpynetReporting (value 0), SubmitSamplesConsent (value 2).

With these settings, we did the same thing that was done through the Group Policy Editor.

And there is one more thing left to do - reboot in safe mode and disable the anti-virus protection service - we already considered this.

Try it! If this is all too complicated, then you can use programs:

Winaero Tweker
O&O ShutUp
Win Updates Disabler 

Find the function to turn off the Windows defender and they will make all these settings instead of you. It's also an option.

One more thing! It is very important that you leave a comment under this video - how do you feel about microsoft antivirus? Should it be turned off? Also share this guide with your friends.

And watch the video tutorial:

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