Windows 11 is the newest and the most progressive operating system. But like any OS it has many and many settings. Also it still has some errors and bugs that Microsoft company tries to find and correct. Therefore here you will find how to solve some problems with Windows 11, how to optimize Windows 11 and set it up the best way.

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How to Enable old Context Menu in Windows 11
Old context menu
Old context menu

Windows 11 has a new context menu with bigger text and new level design. But something could be unuseful or uncomfortable. There is a button switching to old view but you can save time if you need it often. Do this action and you will enable usual context menu as in Windows 10. 

Should I activate Windows 11? How to activate Windows 11?

Windows 11 is not free operating system. And the price is not cheap for many of us. That is why some people choose to use unlegal copy of Windows 11. Is it right decision? And how to use Windows 11 legally if you don`t have money to buy it?

How to Clear WinSxS Folder in Windows 11?
WinSxS folder
WinSxS folder

In the Windows folder on drive C there is such a WinSxS folder, which takes up a lot of space, and you can see that over time it grows and consumes more and more GB. At the same time, if you go into it, you can see something similar to temporary files and you can think - this is some kind of cache that can be deleted and a lot of free space will appear on drive C. Is it right?

How to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 11?

After upgrading to Windows 11 or after an installation without formatting the HDD or SSD system partition, you may find the Windows.old folder on drive C. It can occupy several gigabytes. If you want you can delete it, but it is better not to do this in the explorer. Let`s consider two ways how to delete Windows.old folder correctly.