SSD error "A media driver your computer needs is missing"

When you install Windows 11 to a new ssd disk, you can meet such an error "A media driver your computer needs is missing...". And with this error you coudn`t install Windows. Why does this message appear? How to solve this problem?

What does it mean: "A media driver your computer needs is missing". Windows image that you use doesn`t have a driver for your hard drive or SSD. That is why it can`t detect it. Probably your disk is new. It is good, but installation process becomes difficult. 

How to download the driver for a new hard drive or ssd?

1. Use another PC, that already has a working Windows inside. Open the browser and get ready to searching.

2. Indicate the model of your ssd or hard drive. If you have a laptop use it`s model. 

3. In the search try to find "download driver for" + model. Download the driver in zip or rar archive format.

4. Unpack the archive and its files onto a USB flash drive with your Windows installation image. To do this, you may need a program such as winzip or winrar.

5. During the installation of Windows, press the button "Browse" and find files manually on the USB flash drive.

If the driver is correct, everything will update, you will see your disk and you can continue with the installation.


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