How to make Windows 11 bootable flash drive?

In this tutorial you will learn how you can quickly and easily burn any disk image to a USB flash drive, whether it is a Windows image or any other program that needs to be loaded from the BIOS.

1. We need an image to burn. If you want to burn windows to a USB flash drive, but have not found the image you need yet, then try this links:

2. Choose a flash drive with capacity 8 Gb or more. Also mention that when burning an image to a USB flash drive, it will be formatted and the data on it will be overwritten. On the other hand, after you burn the image, nothing prevents you from filling the remaining space on the flash drive with the files you need.

3. Download and install a program named "Rufus". Follow this link -

How to burn Windows iso image to a usb flash drive?

4. If the flash drive is inserted, it will be detected automatically. The default file system is fat. You can change the volume label and name the flash drive whatever you like. Usually, from all these settings, you only need to select an image in the field "Boot selection" and press START. Windows bootable flash drive will be ready as quickly as possible. 

After that you can restart the computer and start from the flash drive. You may already know how to set up the BIOS to boot from a USB flash drive. But for novice users, let's repeat. Most modern BIOSes have a boot menu where you can choose to boot from a flash drive. When you turn on the computer, you need to immediately press this key many times and often to get to the right moment. These can be Esc, F11, F12, F9, F8 keys depending on the manufacturer. Write in the comments how to call the boot menu on your PC and how to enter the BIOS settings. Usually they can be accessed using the F2 or DEL keys. There, in the boot section, you need to put the USB flash drive number 1 in the list of devices to boot. Save with the F10 key.

And now you are booting from your flash drive. If something doesn't work, watch video Can`t Boot Form USB flash drive

And here one more method how to make Windows bootable flash drive:

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