Should I activate Windows 11? How to activate Windows 11?

Windows 11 is not free operating system. And the price is not cheap for many of us. That is why some people choose to use unlegal copy of Windows 11. Is it right decision? And how to use Windows 11 legally if you don`t have money to buy it?

Do not use unlegal soft!

It is very unsafety to use cracked versions of Windows. They could be dangerous and contain viruses. You do not need these on your PC. Even if you think that everything is good, viruses can hide and use your PC resources, also internet traffic for their needs. In addition such Windows 11 builds are often not stable. Because of this, you will have to reinstall Windows regularly. 

What happens if I don`t activate Windows 11?

Actually, no big deal! Your Windows 11 and all soft will work for a long time. There will be only a few restrictions:

1. Windows 11 will remind you to activate it with a watermark on the desktop. Many people get used to this and work with it.

2. You will receive messages and remindings to activate Windows 11. They don`t affect on other programs but they can distract you from work. 

3. Themes settings will be unactive. If your Windows 11 is not activated you couldn`t change your desktop image, theme or colors. If it is not important to you, you can use Windows 11 trial as long as you want.

That`s all! As you can see, if you don`t have Windows activation key, you can continue to use it and work with all you want.

How to activate Windows 11?

But if you want nothing to distract you from work, it is better to decide to purchase a Windows license and activate it. You will need a key, that could look like this:


Find the PC store online or offline and choose the Windows 11 edition you want.

When you have a key, open Settings -> System -> Activate.

Find button "Change product key" and input your new key.

Follow instructions and activate the key via the internet. If your key is original it should activate automatically. 

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