Free Windows 11 customizing & optimization with ThisIsWin11

ThisIsWin11 is a free program for customizing Windows 11. Immediately after the release of Windows 11, many users began to ask questions about how to perform certain system settings, change behavior or appearance, and disable certain new features. Most of these tasks are relatively easy to do manually, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use third-party programs.

This review is about one of these tools - ThisIsWin11, a free program for customizing Windows 11, installing additional free programs on the system, and performing other tasks.

How to Use ThisIsWin11 for Windows 11 optimization & customizing?

You can download the ThisIsWin11 program from the developer's official page - download the file and unpack it to a convenient location on your computer. 

Keep in mind that the first time you run it, you may see the SmartScreen filter window. In this case, click "Details" and then "Run anyway". The program, at least now, is clean.

The ThisIsWin11 window will open. It is quite understandable. The “Home” tab contains basic information about the new system and its elements, and all actions are performed on the following tabs (attention: before using the program, I recommend to create a system restore point).

System - change the Windows 11 system settings (if the list is not displayed, click the "Check" button). Disabling telemetry, game mode, changing display settings, removing widgets, enabling the old File Explorer interface, removing Windows 11 updates that might cause problems, and more. 

System settings in ThisIsWin11

Apps - Allows you to uninstall or restore built-in Windows 11 apps. 

Uninstall Windows 11 built-in apps

Packages - install the necessary free programs or create an installer with selected programs. Implemented using

Automate - scripts for automatically performing some tasks: cleaning up junk files, deleting OneDrive or built-in applications, disabling telemetry services, and others. 

Automation scripts in ThisIsWin11

If you look into the program folder, in the subfolder data in scripts and plugins you will find scripts with which these settings are implemented. You may be interested to check.


I recommend ThisIsWin11 for use. Also I have a video How to use it for Windows 11 optimization and speed up:

Try this and share your experience in comments...

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