How to clean C drive space fast? Disk cleanup

You can free up a few gygabites of C drive space in 1 minute if you know this setting. It is easy, safe and you don`t need any third-party application.

Here is a light instruction for this method to clean space on drive C:

1. Open Explorer windows and find "This PC". I think everyone know this folder. And not so good when you see red line under the C drive, right? Click Right Mouse Button (RMB) on the C drive and choose "Properties".

2. Here inside the tab "General" find the button "Disk Cleanup" and click with Left Mouse Button.

3. Before choosing what to delete, click on the button "Clean up system files". You will see how system is searching what else you can delete.

4. In the new list you can choose all you want to free up space, BUT there are some warnings

Windows Update Cleanup - this is a cache for old files after the Windows Update. You can delete it, but after that you can`t uninstall new update and come back to previous.

Recycle bin - you can empty it, but after that it would be impossible to restore deleted files without special software.

Other points don`t contain something important. But you can read description below any of them if you want.

As you can see, in my case I can free up over 15 Gb of space. Your number may be much more bigger. Share it in comments, please. 

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